Who we are

The Foundation

Giuseppe Valentino (1926 – 1988) is the founder of the Premio Ischia. After his death, the Valentino family and the Regione Campania decided to establish the Foundation “Premio Ischia – Giuseppe Valentino”, an institution with autonomous legal status. The activities of the Fondazione are not limited to the yearly awarding of prizes to winning journalists, in fact exhibitions, meetings and debates that emphasize the culture, archaeology and environment of the island of Ischia and of the Campania region are organized all year round. In its library and emeroteque the Premio Ischia Foundation has collected the newspapers that have been published on the island starting with the year 1890, as well as many priceless manuscripts and books written about the island of Ischia some of which date back to the sixteenth century.


The members of the Governing Board are:

President: Elio Valentino

Councilor Enrico Deuringer (Regione Campania)

Roberto Pulicati, Giuseppe Cherubini

Board of statutoru auditors: dott. Antonio Attilio Pagano

President of scientific board: Giulio Anselmi


A short description of the International Ischia Prize for Journalism Premio Ischia Internazionale di Giornalismo

An award for those who have searched OUT and recounted, over the course of their entire career, the truth through the mass communication media. A prize for Ischia, an island that has always been at the crossroads of different cultures, a bridge between European cultural traditions and those of the Mediterranean.”This, in his own words, was the vision of Giuseppe Valentino who brought to life the International Ischia Prize for Journalism in 1980. This year we are celebrating the 38th edition of the Prize. Giuseppe Valentino’s vision and work now continue with his two sons, Benedetto and Elio.The Premio has recognized the work of many journalists from all over the world. Amongst them we like to remember  Harrison E. Salisbury (New York Times) in 1990 , Peter Arnett (CNN) in 1991, as well as David Grossman, Timothy Garton Ash, Jean Daniel and many others.Walter Cronkite (CBS Evening News) holds a special place in the Premio. He received his International Prize in 1995. He was elected Honorary President and also contributed to the 30th edition in 2009 by sending what is probably his last written contribution.2009 was also the year when the Human Rights Prize was established in collaboration with the Robert Kennedy Foundation, together with other initiatives promoting the values of “Speak the Truth to Power”.The Premio has stood out in the past years for an intense cultural activity addressed most of all to journalism and to the relationships between the world of the press and the other sectors of culture and economy.Its aim since its beginnings has been to celebrate the professional and ethical values of the journalists chosen in the magical surroundings provided by the beautiful setting of the island of Ischia, known all over the world for its curative waters and its natural beauty, its culture and archaeology. It is the largest of the islands of the Bay of Naples and the first Greek colony in the western Mediterranean.