The ceremony of "Penna d'Oro" one of the Italian the most prestigious Communication Award

Mattarella “I am extremely happy to confer the recognition of our country to Piero Angela"

The Head of State outlined the importance of culture producing sound journalism. Hopeful in returning to Ischia for the XXXIX edition of the Ischia International Award for Journalism

In the presence of Sergio Matterella, the President of the Italian Republic, Luca Lotti, Minister for Sport and President of the Jury, had the pleasure of presenting Piero Angela with the prestigious “Penna d’Oro ”award on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its’ foundation.   Members of the jury, headed by Doctor Benedetto Valentino President of the Technical Scientific Committee were in attendance. Following Piero Angelo’s acceptance speech the President greeted and addressed those present: “I am happy to be present at this meeting, on this significant and so pleasing occasion. Doctor Valentino previously stated that this prize has been awarded – and will be awarded – to persons who have exemplarily interpreted the journalistic role while remaining faithful to sound journalism and culture. The borderline between these two areas is very slight, fleeting  In actual fact journalism is sound when the interpretation is based on strong cultural foundations, consenting to the interpretation of reality in an appropriate manner,seriously analysing problems and questions and expressing same in a comprehensible manner and therefore precisely verified. It is culture which produces sound journalism, the two fields are inseparable. Basically this is also the best stronghold of impartiality and independence. Impartiality and independence in journalism are fundamental in our own and whichever democracy. The real stronghold is that of cultural foundations, naturally State rules are to sustain impartiality and independence however culture is that which grants this feature. These characteristics are expressed in an exemplary manner by Piero Angela: culture acquired, elaborated, constantly updated, transmitted and offered to others in attractive and engaging forms, impartiality which begins with scientific precision and in the seriousness of the proposed considerations and argument. I am therefore delighted to convey to Piero Angela, the recognition of our country for his activities, for those so invaluable in the distant past, for those current and for those of the future