General Regulations


General Regulations


 2016 Edition


Art. 1

In accordance with the statute of the “Fondazione Premio Ischia - Giuseppe Valentino”, 4 (four) awards are instituted, to be assigned for the year 2016 at the annual edition of the “Premio Ischia” for Journalism:  “Premio Ischia International Award”; “Television Journalist of the year”, “Press Journalist of the Year”, “Sports Journalist of the Year”

Art. 2

The Prize ceremony will take place on the Island of Ischia on 1st and 2nd July 2016 

Art. 3

The “Fondazione Premio Ischia – Giuseppe Valentino”, as in art. 1, bestows on each winner of the National awards a cheque for 2,500 Euro (two thousand fivehundred Euro), and for 5,000 Euro (five thousand Euro) on the winner of the international prize.

Art. 4

For the assignment of the awards in Art.1, nominees are selected by the“Fondazione Premio Ischia – Giuseppe Valentino” during the month of April 2016. The winners of the “Premio Ischia” are selected and nominated by a single jury, composed of figures from Italian and International Journalism of the highest repute.

Art. 5

Jurists will meet to choose the winners during and not later than the month of April 2016, and communicate their final decisions to the “Fondazione Premio Ischia – Giuseppe Valentino” within the same deadline.

Art. 6

The votes of individual jury members shall be cast in an open process. The decision of the jury is final.

Art. 7

The Awards in Art 1, with the exception of the International Award, must be assigned to journalist members of the Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti italiani (National Order of Italian Journalists) or, only in cases deemed exceptional by the jury, to foreign journalists of international repute and experts from the world of communication.


Art. 8


The winners of Awards under Art 1 must be personally present at the Awards ceremonies, which will be held from 1st and 2nd July 2016 on the island of Ischia.  In the event that a designated award winner fails to participate in the ceremony they shall lose their entitlement to the award and to any money associated with it.

Art 9

Certain organisational matters pertaining to the "Premio Ischia" are the subject of further and more detailed regulations which take precedence over the regulations set out here.

Art 10

The participation of members of the juries as foreseen in the current regulations for each Award, is without recompense. The “Fondazione Premio Ischia - Giuseppe Valentino” shall meet the costs of the hotel stay for all the members of the juries on the occasion of the presentation of prizes and awards.

Art 11

The jury can decide, by majority, to assign two special prizes by unquestionable judgment.

Art 12

The voting process is in two rounds. In both rounds each juror assigns 3 points to their first preference, 2 points to the second and 1 point to the third. The first round will be won by the 3 candidates receiving the most points. In the second round the winner will be selected from amongst those 3 candidates.  The meetings will all be recorded by the secretary of the Fondazione Premio Ischia

Ischia, 15 January 2016