Communicator Award

Art. 1

In compliance with the provisions of the "Valentino Comunicazione ", n. 2 (two) prizes to be awarded in the year 2018, due to the annual edition of the "Ischia Communicator of the Year Award". The jury consists of: Gerardo Capozza, Head of State Ceremonial Presidency of the Council; Alessandro Bracci, Director of the Inter-Regional Office of Rome SIAE; Marco Bardazzi, ENI External Communication Director; Leonardo Bartoletti, Journalist; Cristina Broch, Public Affairs & Comm. Director at Coca-Cola; Giovanni Buttitta, Head of external relations and special sustainability projects TERNA spa; ; Nicola Cerbino, Head of Press and Communication at the Catholic University - Rome office and A. Gemelli Polyclinic; Danilo Di Tommaso, Head of Communications Office and Relations with CONI Media; Ludovico Fois, Head of external relations and institutional affairs ACI; Carlo Gambalonga, Deputy Deputy Director of ANSA; Flavio Natalia, Head of Product Communication Manager - Sky Italia; Massimiliano Paolucci, Director of Foreign Relations ACEA SpA; Stefano Porro, Director of External Relations and ADR Institutional Affairs; Valeria Speroni Cardi, Head of Corporate Press & Media Relations Menarini; Luciano Tancredi, Director of external and institutional relations Condotte spa.



The recognition is intended as a general criterion for applications, the choice of professionals who have been able to promote and support the reputation of public organizations, non-profit organizations and private companies in general, therefore people who, in order to achieve their goals, had to able to develop a successful social media strategy with particular commitment, creativity and innovation.



For the awarding of prizes as per art. 1, the components are selected by Valentino Comunicazione by January 27, 2018. The winner of the Ischia Award is selected and appointed by a single jury, composed of leading figures in the Italian and international communication sector and chaired by dr. Gerardo Capozza, Councilor for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Vicar of the State Ceremonial.



All the members of the jury will have to send two candidatures by e-mail to the Ischia Premio secretariat by February 23, stating their choices.



For the official designations of the winners, the jury meets not later than May 2018 and within the same deadline, must communicate the final decision of the winner to the organizer.



The choices made by the jury must take into account the correctness and professional deontology of the candidates.



The voting of the individual members of the juries takes place with an open vote. The opinion expressed by the jury is unquestionable. In case of a tie, the president's vote prevails.



The winner of the Prize referred to in Article 1 must be personally present at the delivery ceremonies to be held on 8 and 9 June 2018 on the island of Ischia. The participation of the awarded designee does not entitle under any circumstances to the receipt of a fee nor to the reimbursement of expenses to reach the island.



Some organizational modalities of the "Ischia Communicator of the Year Award" are governed by a specific regulation of detail, distinct from this regulation



The participation of the members of the juries provided for in this regulation is free of charge.



The candidacies of the winners of past editions can not be proposed.



The evaluation method is two-round. Each juror assigns 3 points to his favorite, 2 points per second. The 2 candidates who have obtained the most votes pass the first round. The winner will be chosen from the 2 remaining candidates in the second round. Equitable allocation is not foreseen. Each juror expresses only one vote and attendance at the meeting is required. The meetings are all recorded by the secretary.



The organization can assign a special recognition. Art.14 The jury meeting will take place at Palazzo Chigi.