The candidates for the Premio Ischia Internazionale di Giornalismo (Ischia International Journalism Award)

On May 16, under discussion, the jury will be able to add other profiles and candidates.

The jury forwared the first nominations for the selection of the Premio Ischia Internazionale di Giornalismo (Ischia International Journalism Award). The choices were proposed in consideration of the theme that this year the Award will address in the two-day debates and meetings: Environmental protection and plastic disposal.

The Fondazione Premio Ischia (Ischia Prize Foundation), made use of the collaboration of Euronews, an information television channel that broadcasts throughout Europe in 155 countries around the world, via satellite and cable, and thanks to a network of 53 broadcasters via special windows of 36 countries.

The observatory had the purpose of research and knowledge on the subject of environmental denunciation journalism in a global perspective, an aspect little known to the general public.

During the discussion on May 16, the Jury may add other candidates to these names:

- Grigory Pasko, a Russian journalist sentenced to four years for documenting the spill into the sea of ​​radioactive materials by the Russian Navy, for which he was an officer and journalist. Released in 2003, authorized for expatriation in 2005, he founded and directed a magazine, “Ecology and law”. Few years ago the European Court of Human Rights rejected his appeal against Russia. He suffered an attack in which he was not seriously injured.

- Vilmar Berna, Brazilian, founder of Rebia (Rede Brasileira de Informaçao Ambiental). Years ago, when he was director of Jornal do Meio Ambiente and documented illegal fishing, someone made him find a semi-calcined body out of his house, and received threatening anonymous phone calls. Environmental journalism is under particular pressure. Among other things, Bolsonaro has just launched the environmental protection reform.

- Daniel Delgado, Venezuelan. Journalist specialized in environmental issues, promoter of eco-compatible mobility on the island of Margarita. He has cycled for years through the Amazon to denounce the looting and also created an environmental information platform (

In the photo on the left, Daniel Delgado, in the upper right, Grigory Pasko, and on the lower right

Wilmar Berna