XXXIX edition


7th June at 12.00

Zina Hamau, winner of the XXXIX edition of the Ischia International Journalism Award Internationalis going to takepart to the press conference at the "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport of Fiumicino Friday, Thursday 7th at 12.00.
By choosing the "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport as the location for the press conference of Zina Hamu,first event of the XXXIX edition of the Ischia Award, we wanted to underline the value of freedom of the press that is the freedom to communicate the world. The Roman airport managed by ADR, with over 40 million passengers every year, is a place for meeting, opportunity and exchange, without frontiers or cultural distinctions.
During the conference, Zina will be joined by Shayda Hessami, president of the Aide Humanitaire et Journalism Organization and project tutor, to whom Zina also takes part, and, together, will discuss some of the intense project, still underway, "Photographic Techniques to Enhance Yazidi girls", supported by UNICEF, and the importance of telling how much in the world to instill trust and hope, as well as knowledge.
Journalism, or rather photojournalism as an instrument of revenge, as a bridge between peoples and nations: images, in this period in which news circulates fast and become, thus, a strong and irrepressible symbol of "empowerment" if reported and conveyed in the way quite right. And Zina Hamu, with her dark and deep eyes, with her photos offers a glimpse of an apparently distant world.
Zina Hamu,  through her photos and her journalistic activity in recent times manages to give voice to the pain of her persecuted community. Yazida, Zina and her family had to leave their homeland to escape ISIS attacks and, with hundreds of others, after finding a makeshift shelter in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, they were welcomed by a refugee camp in Khankem.
From there, from that suspended place, the great adventure of the Yazid girls started as Zina, protagonist of the photojournalism project that also led to a photographic exhibition in other countries, in Iraq and in Lithuania. Moreover, the photos of Zina have been published, among others, by Reuters, CNN, YallaIraq, ANSA and National Geographic.
Zina Hamu and Shayda Hessami will be guests at events and debates during the activity of the Ischia International Journalism Award scheduled for 8 and 9 June in Lacco Ameno.
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